Miyazaki Educational Institution LIBRARY
How to borrow books?
How to borrow books?
General Information
Entering the Library
  1. There are small lockers provided at the entrance of the library. Please feel free to use them while you are in the library.
  2. The library is equipped with a Book Detection System located at the entrance. Materials that have not been checked out properly at the circulation desk will set off the alarm. Rental shop CDs or video must be put in the lockers before entering the facility.
  3. All non-MEI users are requested to follow the prescribed procedure at the circulation desk when entering and leaving the facility.

Library-Use Only
  1. All materials except those on the closed stacks can be freely used in the library.
  2. When searching our holdings, use terminals located on each floor. Ask a circulation staff member for use of Internet or CD-ROMS.
  3. Ask a circulation staff member if you need to use materials stored in faculty offices or on the closed stacks.
  4. People who wish to use a room are requested to fill out the reservation forms. Reservations of up to 3 hours are accepted up to one month in advance.

Name of room Location Seats Type of Use
AV Corner 1F Viewing:6 For"Viewing", there are DVD players(can seat 2people per player)
Group Study Room 1&2 2F 3-20 Group Study, classes, AV
Conference Room 2F 3-15 Faculty/staff meetings, AV
Microfilm Room 3F 3-6 Group study, classes, AV
Preparation Room 3F 3-6 Group study, classes, AV
Multi-purpose Room 3F 3-40 Group study, classes, AV

Checking Out Library Materials
  1. Present your Library Card to a circulation staff member.
  2. To use materials in the library and to obtain borrowing privileges, non-MEI users must first present a valid photo ID, a passport size photo and \1,000 to apply for a Library card.
    The card is valid for 2 years.
    To make arrangements for short-term use, ask a circulation staff member.

    User Classification Types of Materials Max.no. Loan Periods
    Faculty/Staff of MIC & MGJC Books 100 volumes Up to 1year(4/1〜3/31 next year)
    Students of MIC & MGJC
    Other Faculty/Staff of MEI
    Other Students of MEI
    General Users
    (graduates, family of faculty/staff, former faculty/staff, and others)
    Books *20 volumes 28days
    All Users Audio-visual materials 5 7days
    Periodicals 5 7days
    Senior thesis 5 7days
    Comic book 5 7days
    M-Reader 1 28days
    Reserved materials *20 volumes 5PM-9:30AM next morning
    *20 volumes maximum for books and reserved materials combined.

  3. Checked-out materials must be returned to the circulation desk.
  4. You may place a HOLD/RECALL on checked-out materilas for first priority in borrowing them when they are returned.
  5. You may renew borrowed items up to twice, if the materials have not been
    recalled or held by another user.
  6. If materials have not been returned more than two weeks after the due date, an overdue fine will be charged.

Holdings (as of October 1st, 2018)
Japanese:129,000 English:40,600 Total:169,600
[Electronic Books](volumes)
Japanese:354 English:254 Total:608
Japanese:194 Other Languages:4 Total:198
Japanese:6 English:3 Total:9
DVD:2,600 CD-ROM:100 CD:3,500 Total:6,200
[Electronic Database]
●Britannica Online Japan
●Britannica Online
Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Academic information, etc…
Academic Search Elite: over 2,000 titles (full text) -- General
ERIC: over 1,000 titles (index, abstract), 360 titles (full text) -- pedagogy
MEDLINKE: over 5,200 titles (index, abstract) -- Medicine
PsycARTICLES (American Psychological Association): over 50 titles (full text) --Psychology
NII(National Institute of Informatics) Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator
*Electronic databases are available at the library and MIC,

Electronic journals, picture card shows, picture books, music scores, textbooks, qualification exam reference books and employment exam reference books are available.
>> Search MEI Library Materials (Web OPAC)
>> Periodicals

Lost/extensively damaged items will result in the charging of actual replacement cost.