My Library

What is "My Library"?

"My Library" is your personal page of MEI Library Information. In order to activate your account, you need to set your password at the library. Please come to the counter desk at the library.

What can you do with your "My Library"?

  1. Check your borrowed materials titles and due date.
  2. Reserve materials if they're on loan.
  3. Order a purchase request to MEI Library
  4. Request Inter-library Loans (Books and photocopying)
  5. Personal settings
  6. Bookmarking functions
  7. Check your borrowing materials history
  8. Access the database through "My Library"

In order to use "My Library"

You need your Library User ID and password. If you haven't registered your password yet, you need to register your password at first. Please come to the library to do so.